Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I recently had the pleasure and great fun to be interviewed by Gemma from the retro and current video games review site, Juicy Game Reviews.

A chance post that I made on Twitter got us chatting about the Nintendo 64, or the N64 game Uniracers, also known as Unirally in PAL territories. Although I never worked on this title myself, I was at DMA Design when all the drama surrounding the game with Pixar was going on. It was a shame that the lawsuit resulted in it getting pulled from the shelves as it's a great game.

Unirally - Uniracers SNES Boxart for the N64

Anyway, we chatted briefly about my early days in video games when I worked on DMA Design titles such as Body Harvest for the N64, a little bit on GTA, and Zenith. The first game that I worked on at DMA was Zenith for the N64 and it's one of the titles that got pulled from production. 

Body Harvest Boxart for the N64

It was a damn shame as it was shaping up to be a really exciting game, and I have no doubt that Zenith would have been a great N64 game. But I won't spoil what we chatted about here. It's more fun to read about it on the interview. Gemma is really cool and I had great fun with her questions.

Zenith Player Characters

I also got the chance to chat about some of my work outside of games in the acting and film-making industry. 

It was fun remembering back to those early days in video games.



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